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The Superhut Ecohut is a 700 square foot autonomous eco-house with 700 sf greenhouse. It is an evolution of the Seed EcoHome to include a 100% full human diet, 100% off-grid electricity, 100% off-grid cooking and heating, and an off-grid working microfactory.

In the current iteration, the seed efo-Home features 100% off-grid electricity and satellite internet. It collects all of it's water from rooftop and surface water, and it will produce it's own biogas. The seed Eco-Home has a small amount of CEB combined with commercial building materials.

The ecohut takes the Seed EcoHome further by including 100% locally produced CEB, lumber, and 3D printed recycled plastic for polycarbonate glazing and plumbing - such that 100% of the building materials outside of steel are locally produced. Water system and purification system are 3D printed. Concrete is produced locally from limestone. Solar hydrogen production augments the Superhut heating and microfactory (oxyhydrogen cutting and hot metal working). An open source biofuel car (char gas, synthetic diesel, and synthetic gasoline from biomass, compressed biogas) provides transportation. Integrated agriculture regenerates the environment.

The main improvement on the electricity front is roof-integratee PV, such that the panels themselves serve as roofing material on top of the structural frame.

Garden, food forest, and aquaponic greenhouse automation provides 100% food, and a microfactory provides guaranteed basic income. This is a dwelling for Integrated Humans, who focus beyond survival and on transformative entrepreneurship for making a better world for everyone.


  • 3kW solar with open source Arduino Universal Inverter
  • Living roof
  • Seckrit Lab
  • Nickel Iron battery storage ($400/kWhr)
  • Solar hydrogen production and storage with external combustion engine.
  • Lime cement + CEB
  • 3D printed glazing
  • Local lumber
  • Biodigester for all gas needs. Fed on biomass pellets
  • Local solar concrete
  • Steam lectric hybrid car
  • Charcoal pellet production.
  • OSE style aquaponics