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"affordable prepper’s apocalyptic timeshare"

Neato - a survivalist franchise:) They charge $1000 for 10 days + unlimited apocalypse time. Interesting business model, I wonder if we can learn some lessons from their operations.-MJ

Jaeame - The above is set up as a timeshare. I think the weakness of his project is that realistically he will be in trouble after his stored food runs out. Then his crew will become marauders (marauding local communities with high caliber weapons).

MJ - Interesting point, I didn't think that far. How much food stockpile does he have? But the other deal is - if these have aquaponics or are in warm climate, your prediction probably does not hold - pending the members being cooperative. Don't know about the profile of the average client, but they will probably cooperate under crisis, because production appears to be easier than cannibalism.