Swarming Strategies

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Swarming Strategies should be developed for all major phases of product, assuming parallel development within swarms and between swarms.

This process must address the absence of assets. Initially, there may be no assets. But effort must be utilized. So prito to assets, steps such as template, skeleton, and placeholder creation is doable.

Disclaimer: WIP, some of these may not make sense.

  1. Website Swarming Strategy - how to handle dozens of people collaborating realtime on the website
  2. Design Swarming - how to handle dozens or hundreds of people in technical design.
  3. Video Production Swarming - large teams for video edit, assuming assets are rolling in on an ongoing basis starting with no or limited assets up front.
  4. Animations Swarming - animations and special effects for videos
  5. Graphsics Swarming - how to swarm on infographics, graphics, logos, icons.
  6. Prototyping Swarming - how to produce prototypes within minutes or hours of design completion
  7. Documentation Swarming - how to document substance within hours of all content being available.
  8. Testing Swarming - how to swarm on product tests so a result is obtained within an hour of obtaining substance for testing.
  9. Legal Swarming - how to write up all the legal contracts, terms, licenses involved in the product
  10. Distribution Swarming - how to swarm efforts on developing distribution channels, sales channels, sale platform
  11. Logistics Swarming - shipping, receiving, packaging, inventory logistics development swarming.
  12. Marketing Swarming - how to develop a detailed, executable ste-by-step plan for doing marketing
  13. Business Plan Swarming - how to produce a detailed and executable business plan in hours.
  14. Process Swarming - How to swarm on developing the development process by the scrum masters/managers on the team. Includes how to keep track of all iterations so that versions aren't mixed up when a Tech Tree of Choices is being evaluated.