System Flaw in Higher Education

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Transformation to best practice can occur when an enterprise shares its knowhow with the rest of the world. Thus, world transformation is possible only when any successful enterprise has an education brànch which shares its bet practice and cutting edge innovation openly and colaborates with the rest of the world to make further improvements. This is a paradigm shift. From education which teaches one not collaborative advantage, but competitive advantage - not open collaboration but competitive waste - not inclusion but proprietary patents.

We can address this. By combining existing best practice and proofs of concept to creating enterprise ecosystems that meet true human needs. We test this theory with housing that solves the housing issue, energy issue, and poverty issue - all at the same time. By a combination of Agrihood and Fabrihood integration into urban developments that would otherwise be cookie cutter subdivisions - we create the next world around us.

To do so requires technology, but it does not require any new technology. 400 hp bulldozers, PV manufacturing facilities, silicon production, micro-manufacturing and open source are all known technologies. They need to be disseminated. For this, one must give up jobs that no longer have any real meaning - and replace scarcity-based production with abundance. Here is how.

Buy out at the bottom.

A city builds its own cars. A city produces its food and energy. A city restores the environment. And it does sona block at a time. Jobs are 1-week course trainable. Jobs are 4 year program trainable. You pass and get certified.

Curriculum, evaluation, time-stamped badges, and microcredit based on full reserve Banking contribute to the economy. You buy in with training. Training is free or paid. If you pay, you get more back. If you train, you get more back but need to test out.

The learning must be integrated. Behind the car is steel, plastic, hydrogen, silicon, and glass production. So we have a trojan horse for integration - all on solar energy.

Investment must be earned. Earned via education and practice, where one learn to think, be creative, and be possible.