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TED Fellows Luncheon - Revised - 3 Minute Talk - Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013

Download talk PowerPoint - File:TEDLuncheonMJ2013.pptx. Download talk in PDF - File:TEDLuncheonMJ2013.pdf

Hi. My name is Marcin (blue slide with my name). I was born in Poland (picture of my hometown), and left at the age of 10 - when tanks of the communist regime were rolling down my streets - a grey time of material scarcity. (tanks rolling down my streets). I never forgot what it's like when resources are scarce and people fight over opportunity.

This is part of what led me to start a group called Open Source Ecology- (OSE slide). We have identified the 50 most important machines that it takes to build a small civilization with modern comforts. This includes everything from a tractor, to an oven, to a circuit maker. We call this the Global Village Construction Set (blue GVCS Icons Slide). This is a life-size lego set (picture of legos) - that allows a farmer, a builder, an entrepreneur - to lower the barriers to material productivity. (open business models slide) Our goal is to create a collaborative, open source economy - to accelerate innovation and regeneration. (economic progression from primitive to industrial to post-scarcity economy)

At TED 2 Years ago, I was propelled to the world stage with my TED Talk (picture from Inc.com). What has this done to me?

  1. The talk now has 1.1M hits at TED.com
  2. The TED talk got into the Huffington Post Best of TED 2011 (slide) and we were selected by Time Magazine as one of the Best Inventions of the Year in 2012. (SLIDE)
  3. We also got $1.1 of nonprofit funding, each of which was from people who found out about me throught the TED talk
  4. I also got a chance to participate in the SupporTED Collaboratorium (slide)

We have continued our development - from 8 different machines built at the time of TED (show graph up to 2012)- up to 67 prototypes and over a dozen replications from our open blueprints - in 5 countries around the world. graph. We were able to build a workshop (slide) and living facility (slide), from our own bricks. The highlight of last year was that we have achieved the production of our compressed earth brick press in a single day in our production facility. (slide). We would like to build each of the 50 Global Village Construction Set machines in a single day.

As far as other TED Fellows -

  1. (slide) I am collaborating with Juliette on a distributed manufacturing education challenge within her Breaker project
  2. (slide) Kaustuv and I are discussing how we can adopt his web-based design tool for massive online product design for the Global Village construction set.
  3. (slide)I am in contact with Open Source Manufacturing evangelist Dominic Muren on our common interests.
  4. (slide)And - Sunny Bates hooked me up to my new cute girlfriend and open hardware power player, Catarina.

Last year was a bunch of growing pains within my organization. (slide) Adrian Hong, Senior TED Fellow emeritus, has agreed to join us as an advisor and team mentor to help us establish the necessary structure, hire an executive team, and attain audit compliance. (slide) Our next step is accelerating development, developing a revenue model based on pilot projects such that we finish the entire GVCS by end of 2015. (Victor Hugo Slide)