TED Talks on Rapid Learning

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Josh Kaufman

  • TED Talk on how it takes 20 hours to get good at something (not expert) - [1]
  • First - Deconstruct the skill. break down a skill into parts
  • Second - Learn enough to self-correct. Learn enough to know when you are not on track.
  • Third - Remove distractions or practice barriers
  • Take-home message - the barrier is emotional - getting through the pain of sucking
  • 10,000 hours are required to learn something at an expert level, according to research. That is a full time job for 5 years. This also means that an average individual, since they mature at 25 - has the opportunity to master at least 10 things in their life. As such, becoming a world class athlete, businessman, scholar, humanitarian, explorer - is possible two times over. This is not even pushing it - this assumes a 40 hour week with 2 weeks vacation every year.