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General ideas here for new systems and modules for the OSE system. Also just general info from my career as an engineer on automation ect.


Supervisory control

This is control by a machine of another machine by giving it orders. For instance, a master plant controller might assign a controller on a boiler a temperature set-point of 1200C or even more general orders like "achieve a steam line pressure of 500PSI - it is supervising but not directly controlling the other machines process.

Manufacturing execution systems [MES]

MES SDS - here is the main page tracking development of this software.

A MES system is used to keep track of:

  • Raw and manufactured Inputs
    • Counts of inventory
    • Costs associated with purchased inventory
    • Ordering more inventory based on demand

  • The status of products being assembled
    • Station - where is the product on the assembly line?
    • What is the product?
      • What are features of this product and what operations are to be preformed on it?
  • Output products
  • Serialization - a serial number and batch ID that is a quick way to look up the above records for a produced unit, and is usually on the unit.

Plant master control

Master control can be thought of generally as a "batch" or "Primary" controller. This machine preforms normally supervisory control of other system elements in order to keep the plant functioning. It's "the boss" of the other machines at the plant and is typically access though an HMI by a plant operator.

Master control duties

  • parameter setting (supervisory control) - these contorller(s) will set parameters in other machines based on demands to produce various products from the MES or operator input.

Examples: for OSE, this could be assigning printing tasks to a master 3d printer controller (octopi?) based on recieved orders validated by the MES online, or based on parts needed provided by the MES for anouther larger machine. So - we say I want a 12" D3D printer... it would send to the master printer controller orders to make x number of uaxis modules. it would tell robotic cutting stations to make x number of n length steel rods from stock.

Master control examples


Society and Policy


I wish to make a web-store to sell open wares; that will be published as part of our distributive enterprise. This should integrate with my factory(s) MES.

3D printing part page, mass market

this section of the store is for selection of 3D printed products by STL file online. These are files that I have validated to work well with my print cluster that customers can choose. upon payment, it will: -Start printing automatically -be subject to MES quality review by inspection cameras (any failures will be shreaded and materials recovered) -a shipping label will be printed for easy fufillment by me when I get home. -it will be logged to MES for my nightly fulfillment email of packages I need to ship when I get home.

User selected prints

This page will allow a user to upload a STL for printing on my cluster. maybe I'll have some sort of placement interface, and do some basic checks like watertightness and for overhangs>? could offer support materials ect from here... upon payment, do the same processes as with the printing parts page.

Assembled product request

Well, we will have industrial robots soon enough for the home factory but for now, this will allow someone to request a build of a mass product.

This will trigger:

  • production of various OSE modules.

so, for instance someone could request and pay for a D3D printer.and would start to print all the parts for the Uaxis and extruder

  • Ordering of vitamin parts

Here's a cool idea - we would buy all vitamin outside of the ecology parts from vendors online for now as part of the order. But even Better thinking to the future and our global economy when we get down the line it should open a bid to the OSE master site for other ecology members to fulfill requests this factory does not have the ability to make, like say the guy down the street can make OSE hydraulic motors for a lifetrac but mine cannot... I should buy from him instead of an online shop.