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Like..."most difficult" compared to what? Seems like the most direct comparison would be any other set of plans that are provided so that a person can build something from scratch, with no parts being provided along side the plans. But that would require that the person had done something like that in the past. Maybe the rating can be something more objective. For example, "Were you ever confused as to what the next step in the process was?" or "Were there grammatical errors in the instructions?" or "Did you ever have to search for the specifications you needed?" or "Were any of the descriptions/illustrations ambiguous?" etc. - Matt 31JAN2012

This is a good beginning for a really important aspect of making the Open Source model work. Yay!

We shouldn't encourage the user to describe experience with more than one machine replication on a single form, i.e. dump the plural option in
What machine(s) have you replicated?
Perhaps add:
What other GVCS machines have you replicated (if any)? (Please use a separate feedback form for each replication)

I have no problem with the radio buttons 1-5 in difficulty, but there should definitely also be a text box for feedback on the documentation quality (i.e. specific issues and how it could be improved).

I'd suggest a box for something like
Did you intentionally make any changes/improvements, if so why, and did they work well/achieve your objectives?
ChuckH 02:11, 1 February 2012 (CET)

Yes thank you for doing this! Now can we have this as a link-able entry in "community feedback" for both entering the feedback and reading it? Similar to how i've changed the LifeTrac navigation to include this easily accessible sub-section: - Mike 2012-01-31

It just occurred to me that we should include this kind of thing in the documentation. Maybe each chapter (step?) could have some blank spot for notes and one of the appendices could be an evaluation form. That way people could capture their thoughts as they have them. Then, at worst they could mail the form to FeF, but at best they could reference their notes when they fill out the online form. - Matt 31JAN2012