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Ethernet Jacks

  • Looks like the ethernet jacks are about 0.601 inches wide.
    • Fritzing defaults the distance between two jacks at 0.600.
    • Might make a little extra room on the PCB design.
  • Distance from hole mounts to bottom edge is 0.250
    • Fritzing only has it as about 0.120
    • Might move in from edge a little more

Switch Buttons

  • How do we want to connect the buttons and switches to the board?
  • Terminal headers?
  • Jumper wire headers
    • Run 5V to panel switches and then run to MOSFET control
    • Need diode to prevent 5V going to into arduino?
      • Could relocate LED's
      • Do we need LEDs? Wont be able to see them. Only useful while trouble shooting.

Pressure Sensor

  • What connections does the pressure sensor need?
  • Power?

Arduino Pins


Short circuits on Arduino pins, or attempting to run high current devices from them, can damage or destroy the output transistors in the pin, or damage the entire Atmega chip. Often this will result in a "dead" pin in the microcontroller but the remaining chip will still function adequately. For this reason it is a good idea to connect OUTPUT pins to other devices with 470Ω or 1k resistors, unless maximum current draw from the pins is required for a particular application.

Hand/Off/Auto Switch

Need to change design so that when automatic mode is engaged the momentary switches on the box are inactive.