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The "c,mm,n" project is another open-source car project which actually made it to the prototype stage. Traroth 01:50, 22 December 2011 (CET)

OS vehicle is another open source car

Changes to general OS car approach/Velocar

I have a few more suggestions on how the design could possibly be improved even more :

  • first, perhaps it's best to make the vehicle limited to a top speed of 45 km/ph, making it a "motorized quadricycle". No driving permit is then needed in Europe to drive it.
  • one could mount the single wheel at the front, make this wheel steerable, and mount the 2 wheels on a non-rotatable axle with suspension at the back. This simplifies matters, makes turning easier and makes the vehicle more streamlined and have less wind resistance.

I think you should take a look at the CLEVER, which is also build this way (see here). Adding a similar cage as the CLEVER would also increase safety, and make attaching of the shell easier/sturdier.

  • a main reason why people use a car (instead of a bike, ...) is to get groceries from the supermarket. There's currently no storage room at all, so perhaps it's a good idea to include this so people can use it for groceries.
  • perhaps that a small internal combustion engine can also be mentioned as the first choice, and an electric one as an alternative.

This internal combustion engine can be a non-powerful one, ie less than 10 HP, such as a lawnmower engine, ... and made to run on a biofuel (ie biobutanol or ethanol, ...)

Mounting the single wheel at the front and the double wheel axle at the back, and changing the shell/adding a shell support/changing the shell design, and adding some additional space at the back (for groceries) could make the car much more popular, and increase safety and lower wind resistance, and make it a bit cheaper to produce. It should be easy to do as well, by keeping the existing components and simply changing the assembly procedure. Actually, it could be made modular even, having the user decide how to mount the wheels and have give him liberty to make his own shell design.