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Alex Au Comments Aug 9, 2018

I wonder about issues that are not one-on-one conflicts, but between groups, especially as OSE grows larger. I'd like to see something here in the next year that considers the use of "Circles" to mediate conflict.

Also, I think the most important piece of conflict resolution is prevention... to create spaces where people can develop trust (which is the glue that binds people together and makes conflict resolution processes work) and get support in a safe space openly.

So I'd be interested in holding a support circle for Fellows to chat among themselves to be this kind of space.


Sarah: mmmm! I like this - good job!

Théo : I just changed "arbitration" by "conciliation", since the Arbitration process is legally known as a complex process between big organizations aiming and solving a commercial conflict above half a million US$.

Elifarley said ...

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