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Link to instructional video is broken.

Points for clarification

Not sure what these mean:

  • Are you keeping weekly planning goals on your log?
  • Are you using the versioning capacity of the wiki to upload new files?

Not sure how best to do this in the Weekly Log:

Log tasks in an ongoing fashion.

  • Week plan due Monday: what do you intend to do this week (in your own words)
  • What did you in fact do this past week? What unplanned items?
  • What is your own assessment of that / your progress?

Stuff that was not explicit and can be figured out

  • How you link to a subsection (you do it like this: [Page Title#Subsection Title])

Key Takeaways to Highlight

I missed some things on my first read that could be highlighted for emphasis. Upon a closer read here are some things that stuck out:

  • If you are adding to an existing page, think of creating a subsection so that you can link to it directly as a wiki link. Otherwise, the only way for the reader to see what you have contributed is to look at the page history, which takes more time.
  • If you want to upload an unsupported file format to the wiki which the wiki does not allow you to upload - compress it to a zip or other format and upload it then. The wiki supports uploads of compressed files such as .zip.
  • Roll up entries into a single link on a monthly basis, see bottom of Marcin Log for example.

Also in general:

  • Always be logging (if you didn't document, it didn't happen)
  • Style of log is brief, concise, and to link to others.
  • However, you should still contextualize what you're doing and why in the log
  • When you link to things, be descriptive enough to summarize the takeaways or the benefit of clicking the link