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Gentlebeings, I'm a CAD draftsman and designer, and I would like to assist in the design and documentation of the Liberator project. I have emailed yesterday but have not yet heard back from him. I'm enthusiastic about this project and others here at Open Farm Tech, and would like to make a contribution to their success. ~Rick Berry, aka Wolfrick

Hi Rick,
That's just what we need. The documentation for the Liberator is all on this wiki, but it is disorganized and there are several different versions of the machine muddled up. You will find all the documentation at Category:CEB Press. We need to get the information that is there organized: bill of materials with sources, how to assemble the machine, how to install the firware, and how to use the machine. See the Mendel build guide for a model; we need to get our instructions as clear as those.
Again, thanks for the help and the enthusiasm. We should be able to complete this within a week or two. --Conor 10:25, 8 February 2011 (PST)

Here's a quick 3D "weldment" I whipped up to show I'm serious :) CEB V1 Prototype frame and compression chamber. This is a quick sketch in 3D ~Wolfrick

That's serious alright.

I was thinking we could lay the content out like this -

  1. Introduce the machine. Give its specs, say what it does and why it is awesome.
  2. Bill of materials.
    1. Off-the-shelf parts and where to get them
    2. Custom parts, schematics for them. Where to order them from.
  3. Build instructions. Pictures showing the process step-by-step. Split this into different wiki pages with arrows in the corner for 'Next Page' and 'Previous Page'
  4. Downloading and installing firmware
  5. Where to buy a fully-made Liberator if you don't want to do all that.

--Conor 06:41, 9 February 2011 (PST)

I'm having trouble locating the information for the V2 (2.2?) prototype. It would be helpful to me if someone(s) more familiar with this collection of Wiki/Blog pages could help compile a list of URLs to help me narrow down the search for the info I need. Wolfrick 07:57, 9 February 2011 (PST)

All the info on the machine should be at Category:CEB Press

Thanks! That helped quite a bit. I'm compiling what I need, and have downloaded the .dxf files for, I assume, the current version, v2.2. I am going to build a parametric model of the machine which can be reconfigured to different block sizes later. It would help to be able to confer directly with one or more members of the design team, people who can answer questions like "why did you choose to do x this way?" and so forth, as I build the model. Once I have the 3D model of all the parts, making nice 2D drawings for the build instructions will be much easier, including cut lists and BOM. Before I make the 2D drawings, I'd like to have the 3D machine reviewed. Can someone put me in touch with the people I need to talk to about reviewing it? Wolfrick 11:12, 9 February 2011 (PST)

WIP pic Work in progress Wolfrick 20:24, 9 February 2011 (PST)