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Cheaper to buy

Assorted motors can be bought in bulk as scrap items from garbage disposal facilities. In my limited experience most of them work ok. I forget exactly but basically you're looking at around scrap value. One batch of motors should keep a community going a long time.


Another possibility is to accept scrap items from households locally. Either way it should be entirely practical to skip motor production. NT 09:52, 19 March 2010 (UTC)

Magnet From Raw Materials

The hardest part of making an electric motor/generator from raw materials will be making a good permanent magnet. I've found a brief online overview of the history of magnet production and some modern manufacturing techniques. It includes references to textbooks that presumably have more details. Site:

It's beyond my area of expertise, but perhaps some industrious individual can experiment and expand upon it and include their experience here.

- Jeff Bouas 19:02, 19 April 2012 (CEST)

Re: Cheaper to buy

Yes, the going rate for scrap motors is about .25cents a pound, so you can intercept them before they hit the scrap yard and trippple in price and get mishandled. The common term for a used electric motor is "field run" motors and there is really no used electric motor market, as you think there would be. I "give away" perfectly good 10-100hp motors all the time to people who need them. While this is a great solution for replications who realize that building motors from scratch should be a very low priority - the GVCS is still obligated to build their own, even if FeF continues to use commercially available motors for some or most applications so they don't sacrafice the development of the rest the GVCS by being Nazis. However, with electric cars and carbon tax, this happens to be the only GVCS tool where the technology is literally exploding like never before in the commercial market. So it makes sense for OSE to hold out as long as possible here because billions of dollars are being invested by others in making better motors, and for the meantime theres plenty of commercial motors available.

Very good instructables on building a PM hub motor