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Hi Marcin,

Saw your page start at comparing repos for "taggable content mining".

While content minability is an important feature, I wonder whether you are also evaluating repo candidates for OSE to use (I know you consider github's features to be lacking) I am thinking of three classes of users that need to be served (although specific individuals may of course occupy more than one role)

1. End user. Needs clear access to a complete vetted product design (a "release") with most emphasis on specs, bill of materials, manufacturing drawings/CAM files, fabrication and assembly instructions, videos, and "knowledge base" of field experience/fixes. Visible to web search - Googlable - so that potential users unaware of the project are likely to find it. Similar to the target user of "instructables", for example?

2. Contributor. Usually working on a subcomponent of a larger project with a small number of close collaborators. Needs to share intermediate development files, participate in focussed conversations (bugtracker style). Rapid, repeated, share/test/revise cycles with fine-grained revision management.

3. Project Manager. Corrals contributors, monitors progress, directs development & test priorities, decisionmaker on vetting "releases" to expose to end users.

Parallels between hardware and software project management are obvious, perhaps Shuttleworth/Canonical contacts can weigh in with expert opinions?

ChuckH 17:42, 10 December 2012 (CET)