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More Wiki Cons?

In the Wiki I, as a reader, never know what is current or obsolete. There are a lot of pages in a flat namespace, laced with links to google docs. As an outsider I have a very hard time orienting myself. In a github (or git repository in general) I have multiple repositories and branches within repository, I have tags for releases (builds), I have branches for forks (replications). I can imagine a repository for 3D printer for example, where the master branch is work-in-progress towards the next build, while past builds are tagged as such. To replicate a any past build is easy in such a setup - I clone the repository and checkout the tag of the last successful build and everything is at my finger tips. It works for software, there is no reason this cannot work for hardware as well.

I see this as one of possible reasons while there are not more replications.

--Zbynek (talk) 09:44, 18 August 2018 (UTC)

I dont see why you should see git vs wiki, they can be both complementary. For workflow, project management, and more dynamic teamwork git+ git based workflows, offered in github or gitlab, are just better. I personally have experienced both styles, Manolis as well. We both worked with OSE, and tried this new approach based on our previus learnings in OSE. With regard to the claims made about github, I see they are really bold, there are no references shared to verify where these claims are coming from.

My proposal is simply to try it with guidance. There are some OSE contributors that want to help, and have already relevant experience with these tools, so they can facilitate others in learning it. There are indeed some things to look after when using git for binary files. As it is correctly pointed, working close to the main master branch is good. For different machine versions, you can have branches or dedicated repos. The latter can be safer if we consider how big the differences,in files, as well as sizes can be. [[for more discussions on how to do it jump in the chat]] --User:Jose Carlos Urra