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Structure Nextcloud Meeting:

- introduction (we "ose wiki-boost) and nextcloud)

- dgml/fab city/circular economy

- we need light weight content development system (wiki with + features)

- goals/requirements

- wishlist

- discussion/feedback from nextcloud (NC) (what nc can deliver)

- open end / we come back to NC

From User:Groques: For what it's worth, I fully support the Semantic Versioning proposal and think it's great. Although, I also have a software development background, so I'm already familiar with the concept, and am probably biased.

Semantic versioning was really developed for software. It's worth exploring if there are cases where it doesn't apply well to hardware. For example, what's considered a "breaking change" or would require a major version bump for hardware? The lines in hardware may not be as well-defined as they are in software.