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Hi, Marcin,

my name is Mindaugas, and I come from Lithuania, and I find your passions and views very close to those of mine. Six years ago, motivated by lack of motivation to work for money, I dreamt about using a Wikipedia principle to collect information on how to make food, shelter, and all the life necessities to become relatively independent of monetary system, and automate their production to the degree that I had enough freedom to do other things I love to do (such as being interested in Astronomy).

I started from this idea, and I was thinking of how to represent the modern-day technological knowledge as simply as possible, and recently, when I familiarized myself with Hierarchical Task Networks, I started a site aimed at sharing high level task decompositions.

I would like to cooperate, and write about your experiences in building the tools that you've already built as a community, and try to make them look even easier to start building.

Kind regards,

P.S. The idea to make it a "Construction Set", and appear as easy as LEGO is cool. :)

Inyuki 07:16, 19 February 2011 (PST)