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Marcin, I just noticed your comment on my log about the CEB Press code from the 22nd. I am curious about the current state of the code. I am still learning about OSE operations in general, but if the CEB Press code is a priority I am willing to focus on that. I saw changes in the google docs to the CEB Press, but I infer that there may be more. IIRC the system is arduino based? I am not familiar with the controller electronics design currently and it sounds like changes may have been made to that also. I do have some arduino hardware and some basic electronics equipment (no oscilloscope) if some basic physical troubleshooting is needed. Also I noticed your interest in PLL circuits (preparing wiki page) and I am curious why? Let me know what I can do. --Abe

Nikolay, thanks, this looks great.10/8/11.MJ.