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Wireless Communication Options

  • Arduino's official wifi shield is discontinued
  • Could use xbee radio w/ shield
  • Arduino MKR WAN 1300 link
    • new board for arduino, comes out in november


some digi cards have reported latency issues. might need to change xbee card.

  • might try using GPIO pins on xbee radio to avoid using serial communication
    • need to use 330 ohm resistor + 3.3V zener diode to drop from 5V to 3.3V for each pin

Remote Control Arduino Examples

Xbee Examples


  • Relay Board Controlled
    • left side forward
    • left side reverse
    • right side forward
    • right side reverse
    • main arm up
    • main arm down
    • bucket up
    • bucket down
    • engine start
    • engine kill
    • auxillary
    • auxillary
  • choke - linear actuator?
  • trottle potentiometer - linear actuator?


Input Devices and Switches

Relay Boards

Relay Module

Wire Connections

Trailer Connections

  • 4-way Knockout mounted connector grainger
    • these would look nice on a box. no dimensions listed online. hole size?

Radio Coax Cable Connections


wire routing

  • putting two 18 gauge wires into one relay module terminal block is tricky.
    • could have switch wire and trailer plug wire meet at a crimp connector then have one wire go to relay module

GPS Module

Three pins on GPS module GRND, 3.3V, TX

Compass and Logic Level Converter

need a converter to communicate between 3.3v compass and 5v arduino pins

USB on/off switch

how to splice in an on/off switch to a usb cable