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This page was originally called "low cost diagnostics". This is a much broader topic than just microfluidics, which is only one aspect of it. Things like biosensors may not have anything to do with microfluidics. --Rasmus

Ok, I didn't realize that when I moved it. However, I think Microfluidics is a better subject for a page. Here's why: Having a 'Microfluidics' page, covering the various uses of microfluidics (agriculture, medical diagnostics etc.) is categorizing one piece of hardware with multiple uses; the hardware takes primacy. The title 'Low-cost diagnostics' covers one use, with multiple pieces of hardware; the uses take primacy. This is an open hardware wiki, so I think categorizing it as hardware is better, especially if we could get an open-source method of fabbing microfluidic chips. Microfluidics is one of the most potentially revolutionary technologies emerging just now, and open-source digitally-fabricated microfluidic chips could make a huge difference to people's lives.--Conor 12:15, 21 February 2011 (PST)
OK, makes sense - As it stands right now, the page is still a mix of various technologies. Over time, I will clean it up. Let's leave the title as is and eventually add more information that is specifically about microfluidics. There will very likely be open source/DIY possibilities. I need to look into that.--Rasmus
I just checked out that shrinky-dink link you posted. That's quite amazing. It really sounds like low-cost, open-source, flexible microfluidics is a possibility. We should really try to get proper open-hardware instructions here. --Conor 12:41, 21 February 2011 (PST)