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Marcin, let's clarify some of these points:

  • Modular structure, additions can be made on-demand

Are we assuming additions are rooms within the house?

If so, we need to integrate carefully placed doors into the first structure so that one can flow through the new rooms, rather than being forced outside to access the new additions (see HabLab motel rooms).

I've done some preliminary heat flow analysis of the thermal break pattern in the walls and the results may be surprising. In my analysis I used 4" thermal breaks and heat loss was 50% greater with the micro-buttresses than without. The standard linear r-value method which doesn't take into account thermal bridging effects only predicts 9% greater heat loss. You might reconsider them.

Also working on writing up a similar analysis I've done of the foundation plan, which also looses a huge amount of heat due to the high conductivity of CEB walls.

--Zdwiel (talk) 03:30, 12 March 2013 (CET)