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Thanks. We'll have to figure out how to put this True Fans data into phplist going forward..

The ideal case would be that the user simply checks a box asking to be added to the newsletter (and agreeing to the Privacy Policy) when donating, and that is put directly into phplist. I don't expect this to be easily achievable with paypal & phplist, but it would be good to see if there's some option to add a custom checkbox like this when you're generating the html for the donate button on the paypal site.


If the solution is manual data entry into phplist after you're notified that we have a new donor, then we'll need to be careful that we add them in a way that they only receive a single email asking them to click a link indicating that they agree to the Privacy Policy, and that they're blacklisted if they don't click that link. Otherwise, we'd be violating gdpr.