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We need a listing with links to active PT projects. Searching for "OSE" in the public listing currently brings up too many false positives, so I'd suggest changing the naming convention to "OSEcology" to eliminate false positives -- same as the Twitter ID, btw. Checking OSE projects there yesterday, many appear to be inactive now. If we're not going to use a project, it should probably be retired to avoid confusion and stagnation. The thing I've noticed about PM tools like Basecamp in the past is that more "projects" are not better... it's better to organize by workgroups, and only split off projects "when the noise hurts" and/or there are different people involved. I'm not a PT expert yet... Is it possible move items between projects in Pivotal to consolidate or split things off as needed? That's a fairly new feature in Basecamp that I've used extensively. --Jeb 09:27, 19 June 2011 (PDT)