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This is a great organization, and we should consider building, and using some of their machines. I think especially their injection molding machine and the extruder. Their shipping container workshop idea also has some promise, and could possibly be adapted to our machines.

- The extruder could be modified to extrude plastic 2x4s, I think this would solve our concept of "plastic lumber" ; they sort of did this in this video ( , but not to the standard 2x4 dimension. Possibly also add in some cutting mechanism, as well as a cooling + collection mechanism.

- Before we utilize plastic lumber, at least in structural usage, we should do some "material science lab" style stress tests of them to make sure their properties are both consistent and comparable to wood lumber.

- The injection molder would allow for easy mass production of parts. The speed is far higher when compared to 3d printers. Also by using D3D printers and/or CNC mills we could rapidly produce molds. Once the mold is made, we are only limited by how fast you can press out parts. This machine is also great in its simplicity; the only electric parts are the heater, and it's control system. Also these parts would require less post processing. This should not be seen as a replacement for 3d printing; they both still have their strengths. Instead it is a complementary tool and technique we should adopt.

- For their machines they also built a sort of "recycling to sell-able products workshop in a box". I think this approach or rapidly deployable makerspaces/recycling plants approach could easily be adapted to our machenes. It allow for rapid global deplyment of these tools. This would especially be useful upon the complement of OSE car/truck construction kit" with a semi truck. You could build these devices and drive them to a build site, or a prospective buyer/collaborator.

Anyways those are just some of my thoughts, and thank you for reading.