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Proposed GLDIYPS page/project

Perhaps its a bit premature to suggest this, but maybe we can also do a "Green Living Do It Yourself Project Set. This would be similar to the GVCS but focused on just doing repair projects and small green living projects. It would be a counteraction against the Programmed obsolescence devices we buy from current manufacturers. We can focus on repairing broken down domestic equipment and practical makeshift things. I think it would be much more in line with the current "zeitgeist" (which runs more along the lines of small green "transition-type" DIY projects (done by individuals), see here, here and here rather than large projects (which can only be done by large organizations).

3D printing projects can also be added, for making replacement parts of broken down equipment, see

Some examples of useful projects:

  • setting up your own net metering installation, see the 2CN network semi-off grid system; this component could not be listed at the GVCS because it needs to be custom-made (specific to your country's main electricity system, ...). The installation can be fitted with a (double-pole) circuit breaker to protect against solar storms
  • making your computer printer's ink cartridge refillable (see wikipedia)
  • making attachments (drill, screwdriver, ...) for an electric drill, ...
  • making a food dehydrator using a hairdryer

VDP (talk) 10:57, 4 August 2014 (CEST)