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- On the subject of screens there is a device called the "manga screen" it is fully open source both in hardware and software. It is around the dimensions of a phone screen, has either a 720p or a 1080p screen, and is multitouch capable. It also uses standard USB and HDMI, no weird connectors. It may be worth a look, and here are some links.

- How much power is outputted by a raspberry pi USB port? I was thinking modules could be all connected by USB using a USB hub, but we may run into power issues if we don't use an externally powered ( possibly by the battery module ) USB hub.

- Could our "D3D CNC Circuit Mill" make an arduino/raspberry pi clone for this project? That way we could get better IO (Such as USB C) , Exact Dimensions we need, and maybe more processing power if different chipsets are used.

- This website has some interesting cameras and they also have interchangeable lenses which is nice. Not sure if they are the best option, but they are worth a look:

- Another camera option may be a Logitech webcam, these are a bit bulky, but they are very good quality, and have good resolution + framerates. The only issue is lenses + focusing + exposure. These are designed to be used at a desk, so using them in other situations may not go too well. Some sort of hacked lens kit, or fiddling around with software may fix this though.

- For a 360/VR camera module we could possibly use something like this possibly.

This is made for android so i assume that would work with what we are doing, right? I am not too software savvy, so if anyone knows please do correct me.