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I've framed the requirements as best I can.

Required actions:

  • fill in the XXXs
  • peer review (optional, but suggested)
  • pass it to GrabCAD, to amend the competition.


Without knowing exact dimensions of all parts of all parts related and adjacent to this coupler, how can someone make a design?

Because FeF and other builders have no ability to manufacture internal splines, buying a spline hub off the shelf is unavoidable. There are 2 types usually available: Coupler1.JPG This coupler is usually attached to the wheel assembly with a shrink fit.

Coupler2.JPG This coupler is connected to the wheel assembly by bolts and nuts.

Both designs require lathe work, #1 for the shrink fit and #2 for centrification.

I can't see a working design with the components and tools specified as allowable.

2011/12/10 Bastelmike