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Could somebody put up some chassis drawings--the description sounds simple, all right, but to quote (or at least paraphrase) A. Einstein, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler,” and I feel I may be missing something. Drawings would encourage my understanding.

> All you need to build the chassis is an average sized garage, a saw to cut the aluminum, and a welder to fasten it together.

What alloy and heat treatment is the aluminum? What is the welder (or welding technology) used to fasten it together (MIG? TIG?) and what alloy is the welding wire or rod? Is the chassis heat treated after it is fastened together? The $550 in materials is attractive, but as far as its fit in the GVCS goes, will aluminum welding equipment (and skills) and heat treating equipment be used in other GVCS components?

How are the other modules (or non-module parts and subassemblies) attached to the chassis? JackMcCornack 3/10/2012