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In my opinion they have their use case, mainly small electronics, and recycling will scale up and develop (also "seccond life usage" where batteries that lasted longer than the life of device 'x' is used in new device 'y' )

The real solutions in my opinion are:

  • New Battery Design, and potentially Non-Lithium Batteries (Some of these are in development, but need more info on this, most will be a while off (again c i t a t i o n n e e d e d )
  • Advocacy for usage of other methods whenever possible, and development of said devices

In my opinion grid scale (outside of Microgrids , but even then Lead Acid Batteries etc are more reasonable in those cases) are stupid, due to other solutions making more sense, mainly FES , thermal storage, P-to-X, or even just other batteries; Lithium Ion Batteries main advantage is weight, in most cases short of protable devices this doesn't matter, sometimes space doesn't matter as much either

Many other technologies scale better than Li-ion batteries, for instance Flow Batteries scale VERY well

Also fuel cells and alternate fuel economies (is Biofuel Economies or Fuel Economies a page? I think i made one on some advocacy group, and Biofuels has a list of fuels, not infastructure though.

Bit of rambling, this text will need cleaning up