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Time Log

Wed Jun 23, 2021

OSE_Logo#Tauat_Rework_-_How_To_Shine_and_Drop_Shadow_with_Krita. Sweet Home 3D + Krita Renders

Mon Jun 14, 2021

FreeCAD Badge Notes

freecad 16 Feature on a Feature Exercise https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxC4Jql1els [1]

-- What were the videos that you studied to learn FreeCAD? Please include links.

I watched this series of videos


-- Was Lesson 3A and 3B from FreeCAD 101 sufficient?

The only difference I noticed between the OSE videos for the tutorials in Portuguese that I watched from freecad was that the youtube guy only does the extrusion after he has zero degrees of freedom

-- How could we improve the lessons so you can get the FreeCAD Badge faster?

as an introduction to the theme is well suited

-- How long did it take you to install FreeCAD 16?

in linux it was just downloading, giving permission to run as an application

-- How long did it take you to learn the skill to perform the Feature-on-a-Feature Exercise?

to get comfortable I spent a day and a night watching video classes for 5 hours of video and 2 hours of practice

Sun Jun 13, 2021