Team Coordination

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A group of people, in a family, team, organization, society... follow certain procedures for coordinating with each other.

People communicate together, by assembly in small and large numbers, by telecom, real-time and delayed, to discuss project/task identification, prioritization, and distribution, as well as technological/other info sharing.

People assign social access to various information, software, and hardware through various procedures, where "social access" involves psychological acceptability of a set of actions based on the person's idea of what is "optimal", which is prone to internal and external influence. How people determine "social access" often determines their system for actual access, where "actual access" involves the ease with which a person(s) can use a particular set of information, software, or hardware.

Communication Guidelines

Continuous real-time public communication with among all members of a team is the optimal case. However, suboptimal parameters will lead to different optimal cases.