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  • Started as personal project in 2006, much greater concept came in 2008
  • Joe Justice commits to share all that he knows on cars with Open Source Ecology.
  • $180k/year. $110k/year to Team Wikispeed.
  • Team wikispeed: $400k away from ultra-efficient car.
  • 6 days per week.
  • Wikispeed is agile/scrum/lean, but not exactly that.

Step 1

Define a minimum marketable feature

Here is the ultraefficient modular car

  • Today Team Wikispeed is - 2% of population
  • Early Adopters - 20%

Existing WikiSpeed drive train

  • Transmission/ 2WD
  • 40"x40"xn" tall cradle with standardized electrical connection
  • 0-80 ohm signal coming in
  • transmission and differential in engine unit
  • Power level, f,r,park signal, fuel level, temperature - signals to dashboard
  • Axles out of sch 80 SAE 4130 pipe

Opensource critique of old open source = people paid by size of their ego

  • There was a lot of information hiding until release
  • Antisocial person was stereotype
  • 250 lb sweaty guy who says 'I control the internet'
  • Not the zen buddhist, but cult of personality

Team Wikispeed: Our methodology 6min 48 sec.

  • WIKISPEED's modular cars, showing the car build by our Michigan team: 4min 53 sec.

Bottom one is deep with ethics.


What was the process for making sure that you fit safety standards? I'm thinking about how do we do this for other machines, is the process transferable?


The Spira is a very safe, very light, very simple, very economical vehicle. I propose that the Spira concept of a foam body makes for significant advantages for the OSE vehicle program. I further suggest that the vehicle have pedal cranks making it a human hybrid. Contact me at for further information.

Driving the Spira - saving lives. 21:10

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