Tech Drawing Best Practice

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Best Practice

  • Show dimensions in an organized way, and ideally corresponding to actual location from which a person would measure. This makes the tech drawing highly functional, as opposed to requiring a lot of parsing of information.
  • Show minimum required information to eliminate time spent on irrelevant information
  • Create user-specific tech drawings. Someone with experience will likely require less information.
  • Show additive dimensions (length of 132" when 89 and 43 were already measured) only if they are obviously useful for quality control.
  • Distinguish quality control measurements from functional measurements
  • Use fiducials in priority over actual dimensions, unless dimensions are required (for quality control or other purposes)
  • Include quality control information
  • Number your callouts to help in tracking of the callouts
  • Keep the way information is presented consistent between drawings if a number of similar drawings is present - so that the user learns to read drawings more efficiently
  • Show hidden lines, for example to show identical pieces one behind each when ovserved from 3 planes.


  • Number the measurements in the order they should be used.
  • Automate full extraction of tech drawings from FreeCAD, with toggles based on the type of information required. This could also be used to adapt tech drawings to the user.
  • Require drafters to participate in building to learn the entire build process.