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Hey Marcin,

I sent Nick and crew up to you. How did that work out? I have been forwarding your info to everyone I know who has a somewhat interest in what you are doing. I would love to be able to do full time PR work for your project. Baby steps towards freedom. It will happen.

These people are mostly from the church that I go to. It is a very socially consious place. I really dig it most days I go.

I had meant to get back up there but I have had some health issues that I needed to deal with. They are mostly resolved now. I am planning on coming up there for the plant propigation workshop. Maybe sooner. It looks like I will be able to partner with you on the support ($10.00 am month). That amount will grow in the future.

I really want you to get in contact with John Raux. (pronounced Roe) In the past he had been working with a company that does consulting about best building practices...pretty interesting stuff...finding that natural earth products are the best and most sustainable...he is also an artist and I really enjoy the perspective that he brings. He is going to be or is living in a tee-pee type of stucture and is trying to live totally off the grid. Last year he hiked the Pacific Crest trail. He does these interesting art projects. www.johnraux.com

The other folks are really cool too.

Hope all is well.


Ted John to Marcin Jakubowski <joseph.dolittle@gmail.com> date Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 1:01 PM

Marcin and Beezie,

I am sorry, but I will not be able to make it up there this weekend. I just found out that a good friend's mother passed away on Tuesday. The funeral is Saturday in Harrisonville, MO.

I gotta say that I am bummed out on multiple levels. I am extremely excited about what you are doing and really want to help out in whatever way I can. I have been seeking, praying, and asking for something like what you are doing. I truly feel as if there was a reason that I found your site.

I will be available again next weekend after Thanksgiving day. Again, I am willing to help out in whatever way you need. I am mechanically inclined, and know a lot about a lot of different subjects, plumbing, electronics, electrical, mechanics (I have replaced motors in cars), computers, grant writing, event promotion, etc. I do want to be free, physically, emotionally and spirtually, fiscally.

Do you have a phone number I can reach you with other than with Skype? I will have to get a microphone and camera so I can get that going on my end. I have some friends from my travels overseas who use Skype often. I might as well get with the program.

Take care and good building.