Tensile Strength of Geogrid

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Uniaxial vs Woven

  • kN/m - measured force per width of material.
  • Example - https://www.convertunits.com/from/kN/m/to/lb/ft - Menards Uniaxial - [1].
    • In this example, we have 3600 lb/ft tensile strenght for uniaxial. If 5.6 oz fabric is about 250 lb grab tensile, that makes it about 1500-3000 lb/ft, probably around 2500 lb/ft. Ton per foot! Good. Not much worse than uniaxial, at 1/3 the cost.

Grab Tensile Strength

  • A 2 square inch piece of the fabric is grabbed with each 2 sq in jaw, in the middle of the fabric. [2]
  • Thus, it is effectively comparable to grabbing a small section, so the real tensile strength will be many factors of this if you use a full width. Effectively, the max distance that adjoining fibers help is only up to 4", since the test is done on a 4x8 piece of material.
  • Thus, every 4", the material has at least the grab tensile strength, and likely close to 4x more. Strip tensile is not much lower than grab tensile strenght - [3].


  • Uniaxial geogrid - [4]