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  • For DWV system testing - air not allowed on plastic, but ok to use vacuum or water column [1]
  • P2503 - https://up.codes/s/rough-plumbing
  • Freezing temperatures or lack of access to water mean that vacuum testing is robust under all conditions. OSE uses vacuum as the preferred route.

Plugs That Work Best

  • There are balls and sausages
  • There is a device that you can insert through a tee [2]
  • We just performed a water test on a new addition in an older home. I was not comfortable with the Test balls commonly used. So we used a really cool Test ball from Wolverine Brass. Check it out. Wolverine Brass web site " Pneumatic Std Cleanout Test P 3inch" #80361. It worked really well, was safe and no one got wet. I was a bit nervous though because most of the Drainage Piping ran through the finished home. I actually was not planning to do a test but rely on our workman ship but the Inspector said to test the system. He also told me to add more support to the Horizontal Piping (Every 4 feet). I am glad he told me that because I was thinking about how Heavy Water is as I was Filling the system. He also said I could test with air But I read about that not being allowed any more in Philadelphia. ( I could be wrong about that though) - [3]