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I am interested in 5925 Chimney Wood Cir, Fort Worth, TX 76112. I have a question regarding our all-in cost for new construction:

I have looked at the permit process for the location (Arlington)

  1. Is the lot buildable and with access?
  2. Are there any square foot minimums for house size or certain style of building vis a vis the HOA, or could we build according to our own design?
  3. Can you please point me to the HOA covenants? Do you know if it possible to negotiate/buy out of the HOA? Otherwise, what are the monthly fees involved?
  1. Who is the local power utility and water/sewer utility, so we can find out costs associated with utilities hookup?
  2. Is there street parking there or will we have an issue parking?
  3. What is your commission and overall closing fees on top of the $25k parcel cost?

Fort Worth Building Codes

5908 Chimney Wood Cir, Fort Worth, TX 76112 by interstate 30EW and 820NS.

  • Fee Schedule - [1]
  • Water/sewer - 817-392-8250. Tap fees - see [2]. 76112
  • Construction codes - https://www.fortworthtexas.gov/departments/development-services/permits/construction-codes
  • Fire inspection is required - [3]
  • Apply for permit- [4]
  • Fire code - online docs are disabled? [5]. I called and let them know the link is dead.
  • Site Plan Review fire questions - [817-392-6840]. Called - no sprinklers required for small residenureau of Fire Inspection - (817) 392-6830
  • Permits - inspection is stake-out, foundation, framing, insulation, final - [6]
  • Permits - online; building, M, E, P - but are they separate? - 817-392-2222. #4.
  • Electrical contractors Fort Worth - [[32.87403765610757,-97.11578827641809,[32.651157105332594,-97.54528147924596],null,[32.7626671241108,-97.33053487783202],12]]
    • Fort Worth Electric - [ (817) 870-2266] - lm with brad
    • Copper Maze Electrical - (817) 501-8921. Email genral - coppermazeelectric@gmail.com
    • Stultz - (817) 656-0990
  • PLumbing contractors - [[32.778229308388916,-97.15881835824565,[32.72250145652434,-97.26619165895262],null,[32.75036974057232,-97.21250500859914],14]]
    • Talked to Plumbing Force - wcb if they can do it and how much. [7]. Elijah called back and left a message.
    • Paul and Sons - (469) 972-7482 ?
    • Doug Plumbing Pro - [(469) 551-4709]. LM
    • Pena Brothers - (469) 717-3965.
    • Molberg Plumbing (817) 475-2800


  • Hello Copper Maze,

I'm interested in a quote for an electrical hookup for new construction, a 1000 square foot house, for a lot at 5908 Chimney Wood Cir, Fort Worth, TX 76112 by interstate 30 and 820. The house is not built yet. I would be the the owner-builder/contractor. We expect the house to be 25 feet from the curb. Can you please break down your service cost for:

1. Running the service from the street to a power meter. We plan on doing the electrical inside the house including power meter ourselves.

2. Utility connection fee.

Also, are owner-builder/contractors such as myself allowed to do electrical, or does Fort Worth require a licensed electrician for the inside electrical work? If we are required to hire a licensed electrician, we would also like a typical price range that you would charge for 200A service for our small home.

Thanks, Marcin