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This is an important book that explains the structure and function of a corporation, and why specific aspects of this structure and function are controversial and should be understood by any responsible denizen of Earth. The corporation is important because it is currently the most influential institution known to civilization - more influential than the government, which the corporation effectively owns.

This is a great and relatively balanced review of the corporate form and function. Corporations come in many forms - here the discussion is specific to public corporations: publically-traded (Initial Public Offering), limited liability corporations. Not mom and pop store LLCs, nonprofits, partnerships, partnerships, non-stock corporations, or others. The point is - there already exist corporate forms that are relatively benign, and leave out the most controversial aspect. As The Spinozanator, one reviewer above stated, "Moreover, by the legal way a corporation is set up, its only motive is profit. Every action taken, no matter how altruistic it looks, has to ultimately be a search for profits. Otherwise, the corporation is subject to litigation by the shareholders."


  • See MJ's comment to one of the reviewers in the Amazon link above from 2018:

"I wonder if it is possible today to have a politician accept a corporate donation with a disclaimer, "I accept your donation under the condition that you will not under any circumstances in the future expect or require me to pass legislation that privileges you - over making a better world for everybody. I will hold you accountable to this when you ask me for favors in the future, so please know - that when you think about asking me to rewrite laws in your favor in the future - that I will refuse your offer to write those laws." It may be possible to go against lobbyists in this way, and lobbying may thus be reformed as a mechanism to provide education to government servants, rather than to bribe them legally.

This would of course require utmost ethical conviction on the part of the politician. I would love to see this happen in my lifetime - it would certainly be inspiring to see the world change as higher ethical standard become the norm in society. It's up to all of us, we're all in this together.

  • MJ 2022 review of the above - Naive, but still true. We need such naivety, especially if we can speak softly and carry a big stick. Lol.