The Impacts of the yacht charter Industry on the Ecosystem

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When talking about industry, the environmental question is always an issue. The yacht charter industry is putting an effort to behave eco-friendly and trying to leave a minimum carbon and water footprint by designing charter boats with alternative energy systems such as wind generators and solar panels and hybrid yachts which use electric motors. The oldest way of moving on water is also the best way to behave eco-friendly; sailboats use power of wind as propulsion, so the carbon emissions are low.

Before chartering a boat be consicous enough and think about this facts of the impacts on the ecosystem that yachts have.

As a yacht user, there are certain things you can do while cruising:

  • If the boat has its own generator and air-conditon system, consider that while using AC you are creating pollution. Usually the gentle breeze is enough to cool you down, you don't need to switch on air-condition.
  • Respect the environment, don't damage it!
  • Think about garbage you are making, sometimes the garbage disposal on islands can be a problem. Try to reduce and recycle whenever and wherever possible. Do not throw anything overboard, even the bread or vegetables. A human food is just not good for the fishes.
  • While using the water toys be aware of carbon and noise pollution. Instead you can use windsurfer or kayak.
  • Think about reducing consuption of water .

The sailing vacation is one of the greenest vacations, so set your sails and respect the mother nature!