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Berg, Devin <> 3:39 PM (10 hours ago)

to discuss Wanted to bring to your attention a new journal that myself and a few others are working on launching called The Journal of Open Engineering.

It is a no-fee, open access journal for engineering built on top of the recently announced PubPub platform out of MIT. -

Through the PubPub platform, articles are submitted and published immediately and then reviewers can be invited to review the article. Once the article has been reviewed and appropriately edited to the journal’s standards, it is featured as a publication in the journal. The goal behind this approach is to allow for immediate publication (similar to a preprint server) but add on top a transparent peer review process.

The PubPub platform provides a unique interface for collaborative writing using Markdown with plugins for additional features. Publications can be rich, evolving and contain live content. This is exciting for engineering as this means we can now integrate content such as 3D visualizations, animations, designs, computational models, and live code! Personally I find these features really exciting as designs and models are currently often presented in "dead" figures, and codes referred to simply with statements like "using custom code". I think this has potential for publishing open hardware designs as a greater array of design documentation can be integrated into the publication itself. PubPub itself is open source and evolving and therefore the TJOE can also evolve and be shaped to enable new content and features in the future.

Sorry for being a little longwinded. Regards, Devin

Devin Berg Ph.D. Associate Professor Program Director Mechanical Engineering 330 Fryklund Hall Engineering & Technology Dept. University of Wisconsin – Stout 715/232-1133