The Liberator Master Bill of Materials

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This is a functionally-descriptive list of the materials, with a summarized parts and cut list at the end.


Main Frame

Exact length is determined by the mounting of the cylinder.

  • 6" wide structural u-channel - 7/16" thick, 13 lb per foot weight - one 20 foot long stick

Main Frame Fasteners

These are primarily 1/2" bolts that hold the frame together. They allow the frame to be taken apart with just a spanner.

Grade 8, 1/2"x1.5" bolts, with lock washers, and nuts 16 for structural top and bottom MoKan Fastener
1/2"x1.5" bolts, with lock washers and nuts 16 MoKan Fastener
1/2"x1.5" bolts with nuts 2 Main cylinder adjustment, front to back MoKan Fastener
3/4"x______________ (can use threaded rod with welded nut: 2 feet of rod, [2] 3/4" nuts 2 Main cylinder adjustments MoKan Fastener
1" stubs or 1/2"x1" bolts with washers and nylon lock nuts. 12 of each For hopper edge stubs MoKan Fastener
3/4" nuts 6 Hopper mount plate MoKan Fastener
washers with 3/4x1.5" bolts 4 Hopper mount plate MoKan Fastener
3/4"x2" bolts, washers, nuts (welded to frame) 4 of each For primary arms MoKan Fastener
3/4"x2" bolts with nuts and washers, lock washers. 6 of each ((4 for cylinder attachment side, 2 for other side) To attach secondary arms to primary arms MoKan Fastener
3/4"x1.5" bolts with nuts 14 12 to attach the adjustable legs and 2 to attach the rear, vertical hopper supports
1/2"x2" bolts with nuts 4 bolts and 8 nuts (each bolt requires a second nut for locking) Roller guide adjusters MoKan Fastener

Main Cylinder Attachment

This includes the bushing for attaching the main cylinder, plus the clevis pin, with collar to hold the pin in place.

Cylinder Alignment Guides

This includes the mechanism for using 4 bolts to align the main cylinder from 4 sides, so that the press foot does not rub on the sides of the compression chamber.

Soil Blocks

These are blocks under the hopper interface plate which prevent soil from falling out the sides of the compression chamber, since the hopper interface aperture is larger than the 6"x12" throat of the machine.

Hopper Interface Plate Attachment Nuts

These are the nuts, welded to the top of the frame, into which the hopper interface plate bolts in.

Rear Hopper Support Attachment

These are the tubes and clamp bolt assembly, into which the rear hopper support verticals are mounted.

Press Foot

This includes the parts mounting on top of the cylinder rod, which transfer the pressing force to the brick. This includes the mounting nut for the sensor magnet assembly.


These are the primary arms, which attach to the main frame, and the secondary arms, which attach to the primary arms.


This includes the [4] legs, leg holders on the secondary arms, and clamp bolt assembly for adjusting the legs.


These are the [4] feet, including the clamp bolt assembly for attaching the feet to the legs.


These are the [3] one-foot wide surfaces upon which the soil drawer moves, preventing bricks or soil from dumping to the ground.

  • 6 holes for tables - [6] 1/2"x1.5" bolts, [6] lock washers, [6] nuts


This is the device that moves horizontally to load soil into the compression chamber and to eject finished bricks from the machine.

1"x7", 12" long pieces of steel 2 top and bottom surfaces of soil drawer
1/4"x3"x6" tube 12" 1 spacer for soil drawer
1/4"x8x12" piece of steel 1 hood of soil drawer
1/4"x3"x6" angle, 12" long 1 rear side of soil drawer
1/4"x5"x??? 2

Drawer Roller Guide Assembly

This includes the v-groove rollers and structure for attaching these to the frame.

  • 12 mm v-groove bearings - [1]. I would resource this from Sweiger.
  • Structure - 1/2"x2" flat, 16?" long
  • Roller guides - [2] 1/2"x2" with [2] nylon lock nuts
V-groove bearings from

Drawer Cylinder

This includes the drawer cylinder, hydrauilic fittings, mounting, and hoses up to the solenoid valve. This includes the adjustable flow mechanism in one direction.

Drawer Sensor Assembly

This includes everything in the sensor assembly outside the sensor (which is under Electronics wiring). Included is the sensor mounting to arms, plus the surface for attaching the sensor magnets.

Main Cylinder

This includes the main cylinder, fittings, and hoses up to the solenoid valve.

Main Cylinder Sensor Assembly

This includes the main sensor with wire leading to the control box, its attachment to the frame, as well as the sensor magnet attachment surface, its connection to the bottom of the press foot, and the magnets.

Hopper Interface Plate

This is a heavy plate that bolts to the top of the frame with [4] 3/4" bolts, with [6] welded hinges for attaching the hopper, minus the nuts attached to the main frame, into which the interface plate bolts. The plate has a rectangular aperture cut in it for the soil to fall into the compression chamber.


The hopper consists of 4 trapezoid-like pieces, with 3 bolts welded to the side edges to accommodate closure via the Hopper Edge Seals. These are bolted to the hopper interface plate

  • 1/8" sheet steel - 1.5 sheets of 4'x8' steel

Hopper Shaker

  • Keyed shafting - [2] - $34 for 3 feet; need 6.5"
  • Hopper shaker assembly: [4] 3/8"x2" bolts with [4] lock nuts, [4] lock washers; use keyed shaft for mounting to motor

Hopper Edge Seals

These are long, hinged pieces of metal that close any gaps in the hopper, and because they are bolted to the hopper for structural integrity - they allow the hopper to be design-for-disassembly. The hinges have a 3/4" hole on one side, for bolting through, while giving slight play to adjust misalignment.

Hopper cut pattern.
  • 1/8"x2" flat, 13 feet - $8.45, Sweiger
  • 1/8"x3" flat, 13 feet - $12.35, Sweiger
  • [12] door hinges - $12, Restore

Controller Box Mounting

This is the bracket that attaches the controller box to the primary arms of the machine.


Front Hopper Supports

  • [2]1/4"x4"x4" steel angle -
  • Front hopper supports - [2] 3/4"x2" bolts, [2] nuts, [2] washers

Hopper Shaker Assembly

This assembly consists of a hydraulic motor with an eccentric for vibratory action, plus a support member for triangular attachment. This also includes a freewheeling bypass assembly to accommodate the use of a cylinder spool valve, unless a motor spool valve is used on the solenoid valve. Hoses are included up to the solenoid valve, including a needle valve for speed control.

  • Hydraulic motor -
  • 2 1" bearings -
  • Keyed shaft - 1"x, 1/4"? keyway
  • Key - 1/4"
  • Eccentric
  • 4 bolts, 3/8"x , 4 lock washers, 4 lock nuts,
  • 2 bolts, 1/2"x , 2 washers, 2 lock washers, 2 lock nuts
  • Freewheeling bypass assembly -
  • Hoses -


Solenoid Valve

This includes the solenoid valve, all port fittings, and 3/4" hoses running to the pressure relief valve - as well as the wiring needed to connect the solenoids to the solenoid drivers in the controller box.

  • Dalton Hydraulics - D05S high flow valve, with 2H (motor) and [2] 2C (cylinder) spool types.
Hyvair solenoid, D05S type
Hyvair solenoid spool types, [2] cylinder (2C), and [1] motor (2H)

Pressure Relief Valve

This includes the pressure relief valve with quick couplers to the power source and coupling to the solenoid valve hoses.



The sensor includes the magnetic Hall Effect sensor and its its encapsulation, plus wire up to control box. There are 2 sensors required (main and secondary cylinders), with an optional one for soil detector.

Enclosure Box

  • Box - Cutler and Hammer, product ID

Controller Boards

These are just the electronics boards: Arduino, Arduino breakout shield, and the two solenoid driver boards. This does not include sensors, solenoid power leads, main power switch, fuse, wiring, and main power cord.

Component Mountings

These are the plastic pieces and fasteners used to mount everything in the controller box.

Ancillary Wiring

This includes everything required to deliver power to the controller box, and to deliver power safely to the electronic boards. This includes the fuse and power bus in the controller box, plus the safety kill switch. This does not include the sensors or solenoid connection wires.


  • Soil sensor - [2] 1/2"x2" with [2] nylon lock nuts and [2] washers (attachment); [1] 1/2"x1" with [1] nut; [1] 1/2x2.5" with [1] washer and [1] nylon locknut for the inside; [1] 1/2"x1.5" with [1] nylon locknut and [1] washer

Cut List Summary - Sweiger

  • [2] 10 foot pieces of stick of 13 lb u-channel, 6"x7/16" - frame
  • [4] 6 foot pieces of 3/8"x4"x6" angle - arms
  • [4] 1/4"x10"x10" - feet
  • [1] 1/2”x2"x60" - roller surface
  • [1] 3/16"x2.5"x60” - roller surface
  • [3] 1/4”x2”x2” angle, 6' - grate
  • [1]1/4”x2” bar, 71”
  • [11] 1/2” rebar, 10' sections (33 pieces of 3' needed)


  • 3”x3”x1/2” (8) (cylinder mounts for both cylinders)
  • 98” of 2.5”x3/16” square tubing
  • 1” shaft, 6” long (main cylinder mount)
  • 1” shaft, 6.5” long (shaker)
  • 2”x2”x1/4” tubing, 3' long (2)
  • 4”x4”x1/4” angle, 3' long (2)

Hole Punch List


  • Holes at 16.2" separation (u-channel used for sides of compression chamber)
  • One in the 1/4"x7" chamber u-channel - front and back - for front-back cylinder alignment


  • Punch 3/4” holes in heavy angle arms (4 arms, see diagram)
  • Punch out hopper metal (see diagram)
  • Punch out hopper mounting plate 1/2”x2”x10” pieces, 1” off end
  • Hopper support 1/4”x4”x4” angle – hole 3” from end (2)