The Network State

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Seminal book.

A network state is a highly aligned online community with a capacity for collective action that crowdfunds territory around the world and eventually gains diplomatic recognition from pre-existing states.


  • Another one, "What problem is it solving?"

Notes: Personal-cultural trauma layer

    • Performance-oriented therapy - emotional health - meditation and therapy
    • Trauma and Recovery - about PTSD Judith Lewis Herman. Tony Robins NLP
    • Trauma can accumulate faster than it is cleared

Psychology of the Network State

The ultimate reward of a new country is potential for freedom, which has unprecedented liberatory potential. Imagine full freedom by design, via responsibility. The promise of freedom, equivalent to regenerative management of energy, water, soil, plants, and rocks. Freedom means downshifting to full autonomy and self-determination by the discipline of self-improvement.

Ultimate reward is diplomatic recognition of a fully free, efficient country.

Promise of freedom. The last attempt was 1776, possibly 1991 (Estonia).

In summary, the concept fills one with hope and sublimation - most are depressed in the 2 nation USA, and everywhere else. Leaves clear possibility for Neuroplastic Sublimation beyond the fight-or-flight response, shifting to the Art of Possibility instead.


  • Of course, in practice, communism was slavery, because the workers had to surrender 100% of their earnings to the state. As such, the Stakhanov posters were more cynical than any capitalist breakroom infographic. The Soviet worker couldn’t protest, couldn’t strike, couldn’t change jobs, couldn’t really buy anything with his “salary.” And those unlucky ones were forced by Trotsky to dig the White Sea-Baltic Canal with their bare hands, or deported to Siberia by Stalin. As in Nazi Germany, arbeit did not macht frei.
  • But the less obvious part is that you can’t win without were the lucky ones! The leftist component either, because mercenaries will run out of morale well before zealous missionaries.
  • If you haven’t studied something in depth, your mental model of it often implicitly reduces to a few scenes from a Hollywood movie.
  • Power over truth. In these incidents, if you stop to count, you often realize that the reports were off not by say 50%, but by 1000X or more. Why do these “reporters” still have their jobs, then? Because their job wasn’t to make money, but to make power.
  • Entrepreneurial State: The name itself is oxymoronic. As macroeconomists never tire of telling us, governments aren’t households, because unlike actual entrepreneurs the state can seize funds and print money. So there is no financial risk, and hence nothing of “entrepreneurship” in the entrepreneurial state.
  • One group wants no one to have power over them, while the other seeks to exert power over others.
  • The primary goal of the tech-nological progressive, the tech founder is to build — and for no one to have power over them.
  • You want to recruit producers, not consumers, and for that, you’ll need a purpose.
  • What tech tools are required for accurate measurement of money? Create a Base, and coin money based on it. PV. Hydrogen. Steel. Concrete. Silicon.aluminum.
  • True Money - verifiable by tech truth. Thus the question becomes, how to measure it scientifically.


  • Hybrid-Backed Currency - backing of cryptocurrency cannot be solely digital (electronic proof of work or proof of stake). It must have Productive Potential Backing.