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  1. How does this contribute to collaborative design for a transparent and inclusive economy of abundance?
  2. How do we create regenerative solutions at scale?
  3. How does this solve pressing world issues?
  4. How does this help empower and uplift everyone?
  5. How does this contribute to a historic transfer of wealth from the few to the many?
  6. How does this contribute to expanding possibilities via collaboration?
  7. How does what we do provide both possibility - and opportunity?
  8. How is the conomic benefit clear in order to achieve transformative scaling goals?
  9. How will this change the world - in one generation?
  10. How does this solve for people showing up - for collaborative development? We need thousands of people to collaborate.
  11. How is this transforming the economy from proprietary to collaborative?
  12. How is this creating an ethical economy, and introducing Ethocracy
  13. With meritocracy comes duty - how are we rising up to our duty to contribute back once we uplift ourselves first?
  14. How does this improve relationships, ie, contribute to the Economy of Affection?
  15. Is it as simple as possible, but no simpler?
  16. How does this help the environment and help us in our livelihood at the same time?
  17. The point of life is to spend your life learning a thing that the next person can learn in a second. This is how we can all move forward. How are we implementing this?
  18. Publish early and often, minimum viable product, the perfect is the enemy of the good, Nirvana Fallacy, Worse is Better. How do we consider all of these as we ship product?
  19. How is this inclusive, without creating an 'us' vs 'them'?


  1. Open Source Economy Creation. How does this contribute to Distributive Enterprise, and therefore, Distributed Market Substitution?
  2. Publish early and often. Show me the source code. Publishing without source code (editable files, blueprints, etc) is not the open collaboration that we strive for. "It will be published when..." (fill in your favorite reason) does not count. Show everyone your in-progress repo.
  3. OSE Specifications. How does this follow OSE Specifications.