The OSE Mental Model of Change

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The OSE model of change is a unifying theory of how to approach problems by addressing artificial scarcity at the core. The basic premise is that by removing artificial scarcity - ie, providing material abundance - we lay a foundation for solving economic, political, and social problems. Meaning that we need to solve house-keeping (economics) as the first step, and personal and political transformation follows. We know that politics follows the money - that's an assumption. If we examine human relations closely, we also observe that these follow economics (provision of needs on Maslow's pyramid). Put in another way, the human fight or flight, fear and violence response emerges very quickly when basic survival (real or imagined) is threatened. We as humans are very susceptiple to manipulation by psychopaths and power hoarders who use such manipulation (both of natural resources (real) and psychological such as fear/hate mongering)to scare people to gain power (such as Hitler, Mao, or Putin). Many people unfortunately eat that up hook, line, and sinker.

It is our assumption that materialism solves idealism. Ample provision of life-sustenance can likely have the biggest impact on human psychological and personal development and integration. Thus, guaranteeing abundance for everyone may be the most important pursuit of society. Otherwise, you have scarcity and conflict. History is rife with grand larceny, murder, and land grabs, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine underscores that this phase of human character is not over.

I say this emerging from the cave, noting that it is much harder to teach someone enlightenment through meditation, than by discipline of high productivity that leads to free time for personal evolution. That which Socrates proposed by using slaves - but we believe in ending slavery.

Solve material abundance - and you solve the fuel for political manipulation. You take away the fuel for political manipulation.

Solve political manipulation - and you solve ignorance.

Solve ignorance, and an opportunity for true collaboration emerges.

Solve true collaboration, and human capacity can flower and thus avoid doom.