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The OSE Qeustion

How do we address the scarcity mindset and thus the artificial scarcity that stands in the way of security and independence that would otherwise allow us to do meaningful work and truly collaborate on solving pressing world issues?


This builds upon Peter drucker's core question from all his work and reflected well in The Effective Executive: how do we make society both more productive and more humane.

Druckers question does not address competition artificial scarcity. You can be more productive while engaging in scarcity-based business models - with artificial scarcity being enforced for generalized mediocrity across the globe.

Derivative question for OSE as an education organizatin: how do we provide the most popular education in the world - one on practical tools of post-scarcity. We certainly believe that the value proposition of such learning is great, merging The Art of Possibility with real solutions to real issues.

More on OSE Culture

  • We are all here at OSE on a quest. One is group, another is individual. They are related.
  • To be on a quest you have to have a question. Hence the OSE Question.
  • The promise of our education program 4 to 8 years was that you discover your question, and discover your purpose and go on a quest - by the time you are 30 and fully mature to set on such a course. Personally, I started my quest in earnest in about 1998 (have to look back at my journal for the exact date) which would make me 26 at the time.
  • Good to Great States explicitly that the enemy of great is good. Collins filters his discussion through the process of acquirring discipline. Disciplined people - disciplined thought - disciplined action. However he does not address infrastructures + systems that enforce mediocrity today and that is where OSE begins
  • What is the meaning of 'discipline'? It means that you are a 'disciple' - or a learner of a large corpus of work already laid out in front of you, also to be pushed forward in its development. Therefore, to learn a discipline, means you have to be a disciple, means that you have to learn. This is the core of how we operate: anyone successful in this does not just pick it up and run - it takes time to learn. This explains the difficulty of onboarding people to our work: our method is so simple yet so complex. It just takes time to learn, but anyone can learn. Drucker says anyone can learn to be effective, Collins says that anyone can learn to be a Level 5 leader (pending discipline and facing brutal facts, ie, responsibility) and OSE says that anyone can learn to be a Level 6 Leader, or true collaborator and steward of the planet.
  • 'We (OSE) did our work. And then a thousand years of Peace followed.'
  • Our offer is practical toolset for personal and political post-scarcity, under the assumption that scarcity thinking is the dominant mental model in the world that keeps us from our full potential (and more than that, keeps the world in despair)