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  1. Salman Khan’s alternative system would put a serious dent in the current establishment’s market share without succumbing to the manifest flaws of for-profit education.
  2. most students’ expectations for college— a means to employment first and a good intellectual experience second - but this glares over Purpose all together - MJ
  3. So let us face this as an open-ended design problem—is it possible to craft a university experience that bridges the gap between students’ expectations and professors’ inclinations? One that provides the rich social and intellectual atmosphere of a good existing college, while at the same time exposing students to those intellectual but also practical fields that will make them valuable to the world? W here the faculty is invested in the future of their students and not just their own ability to publish research papers? And now let’s be ambitious: Might there be a sustainable way to make this experience free, or even pay the students to participate?
  4. 'Waterloo - pushing themselves intellectually by working on real projects
  5. I am a big believer that inspiring physical spaces and rich community really do elevate and develop one’s thinking
  6. Rather than taking notes in lecture halls, these students will be actively learning through realworld intellectual projects
  7. Neither the great mathematicians’ nor the great writers’ goal was to create tools of torture for high school or college students—but that is how many students have grown to view their work.
  8. Traditional universities proudly list the Nobel laureates they

have on campus (most of whom have little to no interaction with students). Our university would list the great entrepreneurs, inventors, and executives serving as student advisers and mentors. This could be supplemented with dedicated faculty with more specialized backgrounds in fields like history or law or literature or mathematics.

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