The Rules

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The Rules collective takes you on a journey through ten years of crisis and ten years of resistances featuring leading voices in the global justice movement including Ladonna Bravebull (Standing Rock), Eve Ensler (One Billion Rising), Tiokasin Ghosthorse (First Voices Indigenous Radio), Rajagopal P.V. (Ekta Parishad), Helena Norberg-Hodge (Local Futures), Anuradha Mittal (Oakland Institute), Firoze Manji (activist scholar), Astra Tayler (Debt Collective), Ashish Khotari (Global Tapestry of Alternatives), Carne Ross, (Independent Diplomats), Sabine Lichtnefels (Tamera), Gail Bradbrook (Extinction Rebellion), Kumi Naidoo (Amnesty International), Reverend Billy & Savitri D (The Church of Stop Shopping) and others.