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I am writing because you are interested building a startup society that meets the needs of its members better than our own. I also think you should check each other out, because at best, you can be partners, at worst, loyal opposition. Humanity is staring down half a dozen apocalypses; we need all hands on deck! Surely we can do better than 17th-century government and economy technologies!

I just discovered the The Sphere Handbook: Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response. I think you should check it out.

I think the Sphere Standards are a very important specification document. It is the lower bound for what is necessary to keep people alive with dignity. (The upper bound roughly resembles a cruise ship. Cruse ships keeps customers happy and entertained at sea in a minimal footprint for minimal cost; at the expense of labor abuse, money-extracting trickety tricks, and environmental harm.) Importantly, tn anarchic, post-apocalyhe Sphere standards have been tested across decades of international relief, iptic places. The standard is collaborative - they invite the users to give feedback. I think that any design for a new society MUST meet these specifications or similar and, at each stage of development, should go through a verification and validation process to ensure that it does.

I hope it helps! I wish you luck in your current projects!

Best regards,

Boone Adkins

Robot Engineer Barbie