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It's simple. We wanted to end poverty and hunger. Need a home, a garden, and a jerb.

So we figured that the food part is distributed gardening - visited by drones and documented in a network state. And it's distributed, so it's rather safe.

Here, we have a farmer in our community. This farmer is a steward. Just takes care of land here and there. Typically secure spots, as they are private property.

The Tractor

Yeah, I built 'em. In fact, we cranked out one each year starting 2008. They got better and better, and of course they were intended for replication. But nobody did. Yeah, there was one in Turkey, and Peru, and Canada. But this did not start a new tractor industry. So we took it to Ukraine...

A Team

  • The A Team Trailer. "If you've got a problem - and nobody else can help - and if you can find them - then maybe you can hire - the A Team." Except for Pressing World Issues.

How to Get there

  • Develop a robust businesss. Start the first crew. Scale it. And we're at $20M after year 1.


Healthy food, from the Open Source Walmart.

  • Eliminates packaging - story
  • Feeds local farmers - Aunt Jamima has the best melons, and she lives just down the street!
  • Fresh milk. And solar automated cows with solar automated drone delivery. Wow.